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Nonferrous metals recycling


The common elements are: aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, tin, nickel, brass and bronze.

Aluminum offers intelligent and practical solutions to our modern life and has many properties that do not debase through its conversion into other products: it is light, lasting, do not corrode, it is a good power leader for heat and electricity, it is ductile and it has no smell.

A television set can function three hours with the energy economized from recycling a single dose of aluminum. Taking into account the present energetic problems, the high price of petroleum, the problem of water resources and the major risks concerning the environment, it is simple to see how utile recycling is.

According to the statistics, through recycling the aluminum about 95% is economized from the energy necessary to produce the new aluminum and it is 100% recyclable.

To extract bauxite, that is used to produce aluminum are used chemical substances that contaminate the water and the soil. At the moment, a large part from the production of fluorite (70%) is used in metallurgy as a fondant. In the electrolytic bath for production of aluminum is introduced a blend of alumina, fluorite and cryolite that come down the melting point from 2020 degrees C to 950 degrees C. Every tone of aluminum produced leaves behind one tone of caustic mud, resulted from the extract of bauxite.

Opportunities of re-using and recycling doses of aluminum

The doses get to the processing centers of waste with the help of collecting points where are crushed, packed and transported to central processing unites or to the recovery installations. At the recovery installations the crushed doses are first of all heated to eliminate the humidity and then loaded in a melting oven.

The melting metal is then transformed into ingots and transferred to another processing unite where are pulled in sleazy sheets. The sheets can be re-used in industry for different utilities, depending on the market demand. In the process of obtaining the ingots and then the metal sheets, the use of natural resources and the energy are diminished.

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