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HMS scrap recycling


The safe and effective use of global resources, from the point of view of the effect that have on the environment, contribute to the general quality of life for us, but most for the next generations.

Recycling contributes to the conservation of power and to the protection of environment by recycling the re-used materials and restoring them in the industrial circuit.

Concerning the fact that the natural resources are limited and they are achieved by high costs, the production of steel from scrap diminishes the pollution of the environment and favors the saving of energy and raw materials.

Iron is a 100% recyclable material, so impressive quantity of mine ore can be saved conducing to positive effects on power consumption.

By renewing the layouts, the means of transport and trashes from construction has been accumulated enough scrap so that today a good part of steel is generated by recycling the old one. This fact led to major transformations in iron industry.

The production of Siemens-Martin ovens diminished in the last year twice and a half, while the steel produced in electrical ovens increased over 26%.It is prefigured that in the following years, about 10% from the quantity of steel (60 millions tones) will be obtained by remelting the scrap only in electrical ovens. Except this, the scrap is used in others metallurgy proceedings for adjustment composition. Although the production of steel remained constantly or slowly increased, the extraction of mineral reduced slightly.

The scrap as a raw material is much cheaper than the iron obtained from iron ore and as a benefit for metallurgy industry the substitution of iron ore with high sulfur content by the iron with a low sulfur content, means reducing the air pollution, 86% and the water pollution till 76%.

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