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Recycling of waste plastic



The leadership, SC ECOPLAST INDUSTRIES GROUP SRL, engaged to introduce and forward a policy directed towards quality, environmental protection, health and safety occupational.

Quality policy, environmental protection, occupational health and safety form the base for the Integrated Management System that is used by all employees within the organization.

Each member of the organization must be aware of this policy and respective and applicable procedures. Politics is displayed in various places in society so that it is permanently available to everyone that is interested in it.

As The General Director, I am aware of the importance and risks of the activity that the company is carrying out, as I aver to allocate all the necessary resources to provide quality in conditions of maximum security for our people.

The purpose of SC ECOPLAST INDUSTRIES GROUP srl is to provide ferrous scrap metal, plastics, WEEE recycling services, dangerous and safe waste management, nuclear services, constituting itself in safe and quality services, responding to the requirements and legal regulations and requirements and expectations customers.

The strategic objectives of the company on which is focused the implementation of the Integrated Management System are:
  • Strengthening relationships with our customers by purchasing their confidence.
  • Certification of SMI, in accordance with the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001: 2008, DIN EN ISO 14 001:2005, DIN EN ISO 18001: 2007 to the end of the year.
  • Achieving a turnover at the end of 2009, this can motivate the participation and winning 80% at the auctions.
  • Further training of employees through their participation in at least 2 trainings per year.

This policy will be regularly evaluated in the analysis made by management.

Being convinced that that is the only way we shall become profitable, I declare my total commitment to the policy implementation and fulfilling the objectives mentioned above.


Director General

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