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The management of dangerous and harmless waste



ECOPLAST Industries Group has environmental license, and authorized vehicles can run in full compliance with legislation in force the following services:


  • Ecological services historically contaminated soils with hydrocarbons by mechanical, chemical or bio-remediation.
  • Cleaning tanks in which oil was stored. (Slam-s).
  • Intervention in cases of accidental pollution with oil or chemicals.
  • Consultancy services in ecological restoration of polluted soils


  • Through this type of service, we take over partners’ duties on :
  • Collection → Handling → Authorized Transportation → Temporary storage (packing in appropriate containers and labeled according to HG 856/2002) → sent to the Eliminator (to be co-incinerated, incinerated, disposed of or neutralized).
  • Preparing documents for the expedition and transportation the waste under GD 1061/2008, Annex 1 notice of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, Annex 2 (confirmation, generation, transport and waste removal), Annex 3 (confirm the preparation of the dangerous or non-dangerous waste, less than 1 tone per year).

III. Nuclear services:

We perform these services in accordance to the CNCAN regulations for quality nuclear management grade 4. Authorization was issued for INDUSTRIES GROUP ECOPLAST society to provide the following services:
  • Manual and mechanized handling of waste products.
  • Activities to conserve products.
  • Maintenance and repair activities for warehouses, storage, means of handling and transport.
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